This are the new Laboral changes that the new Decrees Law 6/2019 and 8/2019 will introduce.

The new Decrees Law recently approved suppose big changes at the labor conditions.

The new Decrees Law - The Decree Law 6/2019  on urgent measures for guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the employment and the occupation and the Decree Law 8/2019 on urgent measures of social protection and fight against job precariousness in the working day - have been recently approved and they will introduce big changes as far as working conditions are concerned.

The Decree Law 6/2019, created to promote and ensure the equality between men and women in their job positions, has introduced three fundamental measures:

1.Mandatory paternity leave:

It is intended to equal the period of paternity leave for both parents as well as increasing its lenght.

This change will be made progressively, since 2019 until 2021. Therefore, since the 1st of April, 2019 the paternity leave will be of 8 weeks: the first two weeks will be mandatory and right after the child´s birth. The rest of the weeks may be distributed by the employee according to what suits him or her best.

In this way, in 2020 the paternity leave will be of 12 weeks, the first four weeks mandatories and in 2021 the period will be of 16 weeks, the first six mandatories.

2.Gender Equality plan:

The companies with more than 50 employees will be required to have equality plans that must be registered in a specific record. In order to comply with this regulation, the government has set a time limit to apply it: three years for companies with 50 to 100 workers, two years for companies with 101 to 150 and one year to companies with 151 till 250 workers.

The breach of these measures or of the obligations established by the Organic Law 3/2007 have been established as a serious infraction and could involve economic sanctions up to 6,250 euros.

3."Work of equal value”:

This Decree Law has also introduced the concept of “work of equal value” which defends that a job or occupation has equal value when the education required, the Laboral conditions and everything necessary to perform the task is equivalent.


In relation to the Decree Law 8/2019, the most remarkable has been the obligation of keeping a register the working hours of the employees in order to facilitate the control of this working hours by the Labor Inspection and Social Security. In addition, these records must be kept for four years. Additionally, the non-compliance of the register of the working hours will be considered as a serious infraction that will result in an economic fine.

The Decree Law has also introduced among other measures bonuses for undefined contracts, (for example, the bonus for hiring a long-term unemployed)to extend the hirings of the tourism sector as well as bonifications for the conversions of temporary contracts in indefinite contracts for agrarian workers.


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