Tax Services for companies

On of the most characteristic features of the tax legislation is its complexity and its constant change.

B Law & Tax provides all the legal and tax assistance previous to the assignment of the employee in the host country, as well as in the home country, and in its case based on the Double Taxation Treaties with the purpose of providing wide knowledge about the tax situation in the host country besides the maintained tax “ties” in the home country.


In moving employees to another country it is necessary to analyze the location of the tax residency in first place, and from the tax residency to define the taxation of the employment income and any other revenue that the employee may obtain such dividends, interests, capital gains, etc, not to mention the potential applicability of tax benefits provided in the Law for expatriates.

Furthermore at B Law Expatriate we advice to the employee in the registration and de-registration within the Host and Home country Tax Authorities and in the preparation of the corresponding tax returns.

We are in contact with the expatriate to control and check that all the tax issues linked with the expatriation are addressed satisfactorily.